Meeting Mementos

Beautiful and lasting works of art reminding attendees of your memorable event. 

Pacific Printing Industries meeting at the Coeur D'Alene Hotel.
Pacific Printing Industries meeting at the Coeur D’Alene Hotel.


Pacific Printing and Imaging Association commemorated their annual meeting at the Coeur D’Alene Hotel in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho with this painting.

PPI commissioned artist Carie Stuart Parks to create a watercolor showing the hotel in the background, the date of the meeting on the sail, and “PPI” on the bow.





  • Choose an artist…
  • Choose an image
    • of the meeting site,
    • your meeting theme, or
    • honor a special member or guest.
  • Archival quality
    • Digitally printed using pigmented inks on Crane Crest 100% Cotton Fluorescent White Smooth 90 pound cover. 
  • A lasting personalized keepsake with name of each attendee .
    • Certificates of Authenticity accompanying each numbered print  includes attendee’s name, and your organization’s log.
    • Can also include a sponsor’s message.
  • Video of the artist tells his/her story of the painting.
    • We produce a video for each project featuring the artist.
    • A sponsor’s message may also be inserted in the video. 
  • Digital watermark authenticates prints and connects viewer to video
    • Using Digimarc® technology a proprietary digital watermark is embedded in each print allowing it to be scanned with a smartphone. 
      • Accesses artist video.
      • Authenticates print.
  • Tastefully presented
    • Prints are inserted in clear envelopes with their respective personalized Certificates of Authenticity.

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