Hotel and Resort Thank You Gifts

Signed prints are lasting  gifts eliciting fond memories of your guest’s stay at your property. 

  • Beautiful reproductions of your property.
    • Archival prints produced digitally on 100% cotton content paper.
    • Each Certificate of Authenticity includes guest’s name, your message and your logo. 
  • A video will be produced featuring a message from you and the artist relating the back story of the painting.
    • The video is accessed with a smart-phone by scanning a digital watermark embedded in the image. 
    • Video also guarantees print is an authentic reproduction of the original painting. 
  • Tastefully presented
    • Prints are inserted in clear envelopes with their respective personalized signed Certificates.
  • Prints may personally presented  or mailed to your guest. 
  • How it works
    • Choose an artist…
    • Choose setting for the image.
    • Create the video.
    • On an ongoing basis, submit confidential guest information to us.
    • Presentation:
      • Upon arrival or…
      • Mailed to guest.

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