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Pacific Printing Industries meeting at the Coeur D'Alene Hotel.
“On Coeur D’Alene” commissioned by Pacific Printing and Imaging Association

Carrie Stuart Parks, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

Carrie Stuart Parks is an artist with both talent and imagination. Her particular creative abilities make her unique in the art field. She is an award winning and accomplished artist know for her exquisite watercolors.

She is also a forensic artist who uses her talents and skills to assist law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Additionally, Carrie is a compelling and fascinating speaker and teacher with numerous awards for her work.

In her nomination for the Major’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Carrie was best summed up by the following statement: “Carrie has used her artistic talents to create exquisite watercolors, but she does much more than that. She searches the definition of art. To Carrie, the very word, ‘art’, is not only a beautiful painting, but also a tool to opening the mind to creative thinking, to learning, and to helping others”.


The Heart of the River
“The Heart of the River” Commissioned by the Haverhill MA Rotary Club.

Mark Hayden, Copley Master, Haverhill Massachusetts

Mark Hayden achieved Copley Master status in 1993 and was featured the same year in “American Artist Magazine”. The Copley Society is the oldest art society in America, dating back to the 1870’s. It is also arguably the most prestigious. The Copley has a well-regarded credentialing system. The most distinguished credential is the “Copley Master” designation. There are currently only 29 living Copley Masters. Mark Hayden is one of them.

Primarily an oil and pastel painter of portraits, still life and landscapes, Hayden has been a full time artist since 1982. Hayden is also a harmonica player drawn to Blues. The masters of the blues harp have inspired an ongoing series of tribute portraits. Teaching has always been a passion. Hayden is available for workshops, critique sessions and demonstrations. He teaches private classes upon request.


"Snuggled Up" commissioned by Jupiter-Tequesta Rotary Club
“Snuggled Up” commissioned by the Jupiter-Tequesta Rotary Club

Manon Sander, Jupiter, Florida

Manon Sander’s distinctive style can be described as “representational with an impressionistic touch”. In 2010, Manon’s move to Florida turned into a cornucopia of inspiration for her oil paintings; being drawn to water, she feels a strong connection to the ocean, beaches, and their inhabitants. The most important aspect of her painting is to capture the effect the light has on a subject and the feeling it evokes, and to express it through luminous color and juicy brush strokes. Manon teaches at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta where she has her studio at “The Village Art Studios”. Her paintings, in private collections in the US and Europe, have won various awards, and can frequently be seen in juried shows. Ultimately, Manon aims to communicate her joie de vivre through paintings that reflect the color, light, and joy that surrounds her.


Four in Hand
Four in Hand

Nick Martinez, Saratoga Springs, New York

As an artist and former jockey of 16 years, Nick Martinez has a passion for painting horses, thoroughbreds, racing scenes, as well as a large variety of other subjects. Nick was born in Trinidad, Colorado where his grandfather, who was the only horseman in the family, introduced him to horses at a young age. Nick majored in art at Casper Junior College, in Casper, Wyoming. After finishing school the thought of making his lively hood as an artist, was not as appealing as becoming a jockey.  He spent ten years, successfully racing thoroughbreds at tracks in the west and mid-west. In 1983, a bad racing accident interrupted his career for a year and a half. He used the recovery time constructively by taking drawing classes at a local art college in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1991, Nick stopped racing but continued to be an active exercise rider for morning workouts. This allowed him more time to pursue a career as an artist.

Nick continues to reach audiences as an artist at the Saratoga Race Course and has paintings in collections worldwide. His portfolio has grown to include  African wildlife, landscapes and imagery from Saratoga Springs where he currently resides.

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