The Broad Strokes


Earn thousands of dollars for your organization while sharing a valuable piece of art with your members, supporters and  community. All with no financial investment on your part.

  • Original paintings tied to your community or cause.
    • Local landmarks, annual events, history, anniversaries or simply the work of a well-known local artist. CAO helps you with ideas and commissions the painting. 
  • Signed limited edition prints are offered to supporters.
    • Archival prints produced digitally on 100% cotton content paper and accompanied by a “Certificate of Authenticity”. We manage all production and fulfillment.
  • Scannable watermark links to video of the artist or any online experience.
    • Buyers will know their print is authentic when they scan an invisible mark to watch a video of the artist relating facts about the painting. Or, the mark can be linked to any online content. 



Limited edition prints are beautiful lasting memento eliciting fond memories of your meeting.

  • Reproductions of a great work of art created just for your meeting.
    • Archival prints produced digitally on 100% cotton content paper.
    • Each Certificate of Authenticity includes the attendee’s name, your organization’s logo, and can include a sponsor’s message.
  • A video is produced of the artist relating his/her story of the painting.
    • The video is accessed with a smart-phone by scanning a digital watermark embedded in the image. The video can also carry a sponsor’s message.
  • Tastefully presented
    • Prints are inserted in clear envelopes with their respective personalized Certificates of Authenticity.



Personalized prints – a lasting memento keeping your property top-of-mind.

  • Reproductions of beautiful artistic rendering of your property with personalized Certificate of Authenticity.
    • Archival prints produced digitally on 100% cotton paper.
    • Certificate includes your patron’s name, your property’s logo, and message.
  • Digitally signed and authenticated.
    • Digitally signed by artist.
    • Embedded digital watermark validates authenticity. 
  • A video of your property thanking patrons and welcoming them back for another stay.
    • Video is accessed with a smart-phone by scanning watermark. 
  • Presentation.
    • Matted prints and Certificates inserted in crystal clear envelopes.